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Rhonda is a successful Woman Veteran who served in the United States Army for 32 years. She retired in 2022, culminating her service as a Deputy Legislative Assistant for the Office of the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff.

As an accomplished Amazon Central Author, Rhonda shares one of her subtle, yet profound talks with God so that Women Veterans may experience God's word on how to exponentially improve their wealth belief system through WISDOM and FAITH with the power of the HOLY SPIRIT.

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Rhonda utilizes her platform as an Amazon Central Author to create Rhonda Snipe-SUCCESS SEMINARS that are intentionally designed to help Women Veterans ‘IdentifyThrough Their VALUE and exponentially improve their wealth belief system. As her platform affirms, wealth is not only money, wealth is POWER, also known as ‘VALUE’ in abundance.

  • Reflect on Deuteronomy 8:18 “For you should remember the Lord your God for it is He that gives you POWER to get wealth, so that He may establish His covenant which He swore unto your fathers as it is this day.” #WEALTH #POWER #VALUE_In_Abundance


Teaches you how to understand the POWER God already gave you to create wealth.

POWER is defined as your divine ability. You will learn by understanding how to tap into your divine ability and become the manifestation of the POWER that’s already at work within you.

Rhonda Snipe-SUCCESS SEMINARS teaches her proven framework called:


  • THINK means

To Bring Your Power Into Existence

  • CREATE means

To Blueprint A Physical Representation of Your POWER

  • GENERATE means

To Become the Physical Manifestation of Your POWER


Rhonda shares how to create a wealth mindset shift to establish a gateway for Women Veterans to assert their authority as a creation of God to nourish and thrive in their POWER to preserve lives and build nations.

  • Preserve means to keep alive and protect from decline.
  • Build means to develop and construct.

Women Veterans are virtuous and help keep people alive while protecting their souls from decline. In this process, Women Veterans in the United States, along with Women Veterans around the world are stepping out of social isolation and are developing, constructing and transitioning into global socioeconomic integration by understanding their POWER.

#Network2win with Women Veterans

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    • The George Washington University
This was the second book that I have enjoyed so much that I deliberately read at a slower pace just to take it all in and appreciate..." "Rhonda does an excellent job of providing biblical reference and life application to establish the importance of daily affirmations!"
Monica V. Womack, CEO, Blue Violet Productions
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