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Welcome to Rhonda Snipe - SUCCESS SEMINARS: The Gateway to Mastering Conflict Resolution Skills!

Are you ready to manage your emotions through effective communication and be intentional about creating immediate success in your life?

Join us as we dive into the art of conflict resolution, a fundamental skill that will immediately transform your personal and professional life today.

  • Start Where You Stand
  • Effectively Communicate Your Personal Brand
  • Boost Your Lifestyle With Peers, Co-workers And Friends

"Be intentional about managing your emotions by Mastering Conflict Resolution Skills to be successful in life and win!"

You will learn how to transform conflict resolution in your mind through the application of FIVE (5) Powerful Biblical Principles using effective communication to address disputes, defuse tension, manage emotions and build a lifestyle of peace, trust and understanding. During this season, we will guide you on how to reframe desired outcomes of successful conflict resolutions through creating a mindset shift by faith with prayer and affirmation, and generating quick wins by laying disputes to rest and bringing conflicts to an end.

Rhonda Snipe-SUCCESS SEMINARS teaches ‘CONFLICT RESOLUTION’ through our tried and true proven framework called THINK | CREATE | GENERATE

  • THINK means

To Bring Godly SUCCESS Into Existence

  • CREATE means

To Establish A Physical Representation of Godly SUCCESS

  • GENERATE means

To Become the Physical Manifestation of Godly SUCCESS

Learn how to THINKabout desired outcomes of conflict resolution through effective communication skills based on FIVE (5) Powerful Biblical Principles to CREATE a mindset shift by faith through prayer and affirmation, and GENERATEquick wins to bring disputes to an all-time end in your life.


This was the second book that I have enjoyed so much that I deliberately read at a slower pace just to take it all in and appreciate..." "Rhonda does an excellent job of providing biblical reference and life application to establish the importance of daily affirmations!"
Monica V. Womack, CEO, Blue Violet Productions
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